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Our History & Vision - About Us


MySousChefs.com was formed in 2015 with the intention to help everyday people making it easier for their catering event requests. Our motto was “Just Click and Serve”.


Our very first clients consisted of families with busy lifestyles such as single parents who always seemed to be on the go. Since our very first meal shipment our niche developed into an idea that our company could offer freshly made restaurant sustainable meals at affordable prices and with the convenience of just “heat and serve”. As a result we created the “Catering in a Box”, an all in inclusive catered meal service that allowed ease of providing meals for families and friends.


Our Company then expanded their possibilities with our very first mail-order shipment to the Navy Fleet Reserve Command in Groton Connecticut. This shipment was so successful, it became the Launch of our catering online known as “On Demand” catering service. Since our inception we have shipped and catered to many states and locations throughout the east coast using sustainable, reusable and recycled Gel Packs to assure food safety. We also specialize in providing healthy meal plans and specialty diets, such as gluten free and allergenic free catered foods for homes or Offices.  


At Mysouschefs, we have recently launched catering packages with themes such as “Game day” “Valentine’s day “and “Weekly Family Meals” .Our package plans provides delicious and nutritious meals for families of 6-8 people with ample leftovers. Our company delivers twice a week, no fuss, no hassle, easy clean up, just heat and serve!


In January of 2017, we launched our Group on promotional packages with AMAZING SAVINGS for our Clients and Social Media Followers www.facebook.com/mysoushefs   or Mysosuschefs@twitter.com . In addition coming in March of 2017 we will be launching the very first Catering “On Demand” App. Our clients and followers will be able to order all inclusive and complete catering "On Demand"  from their smart phones.


If you are looking for gourmet, sustainable fresh catering without the hassle, look no further! Our popular meals include a grand variety of dishes, with all the pieces included. Need place settings as well? We've got it. We Also Offer a "Go Green" Option to help our environment be sustainable.


When Ordering Please allow 48 - 72 hours window, for your order to arrive.


Shipping is very limited on weekends please email Chefdaigneault@gmail.com for details Note: No shipping for Sundaydelivery.


About the Owner/Chef


Chef Todd H. Daigneault, ASCS, CEC, is devoted to helping people incorporate healthy eating into their daily lifestyle. Todd held various management level positions within the food industry and he has worked for prominent restaurants and resorts across the country. He ventured into healthier cooking and catering after experiencing a life threatening surgery, which forced him to modify his eating and cooking style. Todd was the executive chef sous chefs for Rock Resorts owned and operated by Lawrence Rockefeller Family. As well as an executive chef for Nordstrom’s west coast .Todd has learned the value of great customer service which he brings that philosophy and unwavering commitment of quality , sustainability and anticipating the customer’s needs to their catering needs . Todd has won numerous chef challenges, and competed on a national stage of chef challenges, including Tyson National Chef Challenge featured on Fox Television. Most recently, Todd has accepted a chef position with the Culinary Enrichment Innovative program sponsored by Hormel Foods and The Culinary Institute of America – Todd is one of 16 honored applicants chosen out of many prolific chef candidates.


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